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GNL 2011 Highlights

2011: This month, GNL welcomes in new changes to the new year for 2011! We have changed our template, and will soon be adding and deleting more pages to make room for new shows coming soon. As our new year resolution, new episodes will begin to air this month to kick off the year. We hope you welcome and enjoy our new changes! Happy New Year!

What's New?

As we ring in the new year, the Next Era Wrestling programs have now created a new site that can be reached here. The news feed will no longer be linked here, and will be separated from this website entirely in the next coming months. Happy 2011 everyone!

For more news, visit our Guynetwork News website

For more special events, visit our Guynetwork Special Events website

For the official N.E.W. website, visit N.E.W. Homepage

For the retired shows, visit our GNL Retired Shows website

For the N.E.W. Archives, visit our Next Era Wrestling Archives website


Season of New Episodes

Here's the list of seasons and dates new episodes of certain shows air:

Spring & Fall:


Begins: Last Week of March  Ends: Third Week of May


Begins: Last Week of October  Ends: Third Week of December

New Episodes:

Tuesday: Copter and Captain @ 10

Thursday: Rangers Of Texas @ 10 

Saturdays: Beginning Of Time Travel @ 8, A Traveler's Life @ 8:30


Winter & Summer:

Winter: (Effective Winter 2011)

Begins: Third Week of January  Ends: First Week of March


Begins: Second Week of July  Ends: Last Week of August

New Episodes:

Tuesday: Psychic or Psycho? @ 10

Thursday: 20-20 Vision @ 10

Saturdays: Poohy's Gang @ 8, Medieval Crimes @ 8:30

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